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I’ve lost everything... but now the broody, all-star quarterback threatens to destroy what's left.

After tragedy strikes, a scholarship to Hallowed Saints University could be my salvation.

As the poor scholarship student among the rich and privilege, my plan is simple.

Ace senior year.

Don’t get noticed.

And steer clear of Carter Grisham.

With his smoldering smile, NFL-bound talent, and senator father, Carter is untouchable.

And he’s convinced that I blackmailed my way into HSU.

When fate throws me into his path, sparks ignite and reveal secrets we’ve both tried to keep from everyone.

Then hidden glances and stolen moments turn into something real, and I should’ve known that falling for him would be hopeless.

I’ve already survived one life-altering loss.

But Carter Grisham might just be the total destruction I never saw coming.

Hidden Games is a full-length stand-alone college football romance, including the following tropes--

  • Enemies-to-Lovers

  • Secret Relationship

  • Jealousy

  • Mutual Pining

  • Touch Her and Unalive

  • Found Family

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